"He who by reanimating the old can gain knowledge of the new is fit to be a teacher."

- Confucius

MetNews is the personal search engine of your knowledge base, that helps collect what you have liked, discover new readings, and find them later with full text search.

And, with all these features...

Add articles to your collections, and find them with full text search later. We support a dozen of languages.

Automatically discover available RSS feed on any webpage you're reading, and subscribe to it with a single click.

Share articles to News, and view news shared by the community. They are daily fresh and ranked by upvotes.

Import you bookmarks and find some of them with full text search instantly. This is our way of bookmark management.

Our efficient HTML parsing algorithm always ensures accurate index results, no matter if it's a news, blog or even GitHub Issue page.

Reading Mode(coming soon) preserves what's most important and discard interfering elements on any webpage you're reading.