Privacy Policy

MetNews is committed to protecting the privacy of your data. This Privacy Policy explains what information we collect and store when you use MetNews.

Information collection and use

If you don't sign in, no information is collected by MetNews.

When you create an MetNews account to sync your data across devices, we ask you for basic account information, such as your email address and password. Your data will be stored on a central server so they can be synced across your other devices. If you upgrade or subscribe for MetNews Premium, we will ask you for billing information. Your information is only used for account ID and will not be shared with any third parties.

MetNews collects aggregated and anonymous user data regarding app usage. The user data we collect is used to improve the quality of our service and the performance of the application. MetNews also automatically collects the crash log so that we can improve product reliability. The information in the crash log may include information about your device, stack trace, your IP address, and other data that may be useful in debugging the issue.

Manage your information stored in MetNews

Your information is stored with MetNews for as long as you use our service. If you delete your account, your account information and all associated data will be deleted from the server and cannot be undone. To delete your account, log into the MetNews app on any platform and go to Me → Account → Delete Account.

If you need help or have questions regarding privacy, please email us at [email protected].